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Photovoltaic Stations – RES

Design, Licensing, consulting and / or Installation (turn-key solution) of Photovoltaic Stations and RES projects.

Study, licensing of three PV roofs in schools of Alexandroupolis

Design, licensing of a PV park in Pentalofos-Orestiada of Zikidou A. 100 kW

Design, licensing, supply and installation of PV park in Korymvos-Soufli of Mitsolidi - Stamatopoulos OE, 500 kW

Study, licensing of a PV park in Ampelakia-Orestiada of Stefanidou E. 100 kW

Licensing of high efficiency cogeneration of electricity & heat (CCHP) in the new indoor swimming pool of Alexandroupolis

Impact assessment and licensing of a 1 MW biomass power generation unit of "Ecoenergy IKE", in Metaxades-Didimotichou, 1 MW

Design, Study and licensing of a Virtual Net Metering PV park in Himonio-Orestiada of TOEB 500 kW

Consultant for PV park in Neochori-Orestiada of "JUWI Hellas" 10 MW

Large number of PV roofs

Energy Inspections

Energy Inspections (National Accreditation No.: 779) of buildings, heating systems and cooling systems, energy saving consultant. Issuance of a total of over 500 Energy Performance Certificates, of which 19,742 sq.m were C class buildings.

Support services in coordination, scientific management and supervision of the project "energy upgrade design - Samothrace Chora Cultural Center"

Preliminary design of energy saving in the swimming pool of the Municipality of Orestiada

Industrial Facilities Sector

We participated in licensing of industrial projects with an area of more than 30,000 m2 and a budget of more than € 15,000,000.

Licensing of Industrial Facilities

"Evrolak" paint industry -EVROLAK SA

Agricultural products industry "Hellas Frost" -HELLENIC ECO-AGRICULTURE SA

Plastic packaging industry ECOPACK S.A.

Asparagus packaging industry-ASKGE KOMARON

SPOROKENTRO S.A. - Processing of Agricultural Products

BANDICHROM - Paint Industry


Environmental Licensing of Industries and Facilities

METHORIOS - Graphic Arts

PYRAMIS Lime Paste

RAPTIS D. - Dough Products

Industry consultant regarding operation, maintenance, energy efficiency, safety at work, quality management systems and product standardization

Metal construction industry "EVAK SA"

Plastic packaging industry ECOPACK S.A.

Aluminum and plastic industry "Pasialis SA"

Design, Licensing, Maintenance and Installation of Medium Voltage Substations

Maintenance and operation of North Evros irrigation Pumping Station with six MV/LV substations: 8.825 kVA

Construction and Maintenance of Substation MT Hellenic Agricultural: 2,000 kVA

Maintenance of MT EBZ Substation: 1,000 kVA

Construction and Maintenance of MT PV Mitsolidis - Stamatopoulos OE: 500 kVA

Building Construction

We participated in licensing building projects with an area of more than 20,000 m2.

Residential complex "Orpheus" -DOMUS SA

Orestiada Plumbing Cooperative Building-S.Y.O.

DEMOKRITOS Diagnostic Laboratory | Microbiological

Representation building and workshop HYUNDAI- AUTOKINISI OE


Public Work Projects

Implementation of public work projects in MEP & Energy sectors.

Public Work projects - indicative projects:

Orestiada Telecommunications network renovation

Installation of street lighting network in Kliso-Orestiada

Maintenance of DUTH buildings in Orestiada

Installation of street lighting network, Municipality of Orestiada, 2015

Installation of Lightning protection systems in Orestiada

V.Kyriakidis Park

Maintenance and operation of North Evros irrigation Pumping Station 20-6 kV

Renovation of school buildings, Municipality of Didymoteicho, 2019

Maintenance and repair of OAED ORESTIADA building, 2019

Installation of research equipment for “Renaissance “ project of DUTH, 2019

European Programs

Submission of financial proposals in European and national programs.

Technical support of the Multi-Social of the Municipality of Alexandroupolis for the submission of a proposal to the EEA program 2009-2014 (Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area) of the Ministry of Development and Competitiveness

Provision of Energy Inspector services for the preparation and submission of a proposal in the category of EPPERAA operations for RES applications in schools of the Municipality of Alexandroupolis (4th & 5th Dim.Sch)

Vehicle Repair Centers – Gas Stations

Licensing of vehicle repair centers and gas stations.

Vehicle Repair Center - Siantidis

AEGEAN Gas Station

Vehicle Repair Center