APENERGY Projects - indicative projects

Photovoltaic Stations - RES

Design, Licensing, consulting and / or Installation (turn-key solution) of Photovoltaic Stations and RES projects

Study, licensing of three PV roofs in schools of Alexandroupolis

Design, licensing of a PV park in Pentalofos-Orestiada of Zikidou A. 100 kW

Design, licensing, supply and installation of PV park in Korymvos-Soufli of Mitsolidi - Stamatopoulos OE, 500 kW

Study, licensing of a PV park in Ampelakia-Orestiada of Stefanidou E. 100 kW

Licensing of high efficiency cogeneration of electricity & heat (CCHP) in the new indoor swimming pool of Alexandroupolis

Impact assessment and licensing of a 1 MW biomass power generation unit of "Ecoenergy IKE", in Metaxades-Didimotichou, 1 MW

Design, Study and licensing of a Virtual Net Metering PV park in Himonio-Orestiada of TOEB 500 kW

Consultant for PV park in Neochori-Orestiada of "JUWI Hellas" 10 MW

Large number of PV roofs

Total participation in renewable energy projects:

  • advice / licensing CCHP 0.8 MW
  • advice / licensing of 1 MW biomass power generation
  • consulting / licensing of PV parks: over 22 MW
  • advice / licensing of PV energy offset over 0.5 MW/li>
  • construction / maintenance of PV parks over 1.0 MW
  • construction / maintenance of more than 50 PV roofs